My Favorite Chicken Salad EVER!

Chicken Salad recipe

Oh, the many ways I love to eat chicken salad. I love it with crackers, I love it as a sandwich filling, and I love it right out of the bowl……

I wish I were clever enough to create an ode to chicken salad.

Chicken salad is a must in the south and such a crowd pleaser and this recipe will sure to be a hit. You’ve got a church function? I’ve got you covered. Picnic? Bring it on!

This has got to be one of my most requested dishes that I bring to our church gatherings. Also, one of my favorite dishes to prepare because I can always make in advance and prepare the sandwiches the next morning. The best part are that the flavors meld together even better as it chills overnight.

So what set’s this recipe apart from every other recipe out there?

Sour cream and dill!

In my opinion the addition of sour cream adds that extra creaminess and the dill contributes a fresh flavor that just makes this dish.

Without further ado….

My absolute favorite chicken salad recipe:

chicken salad recipe ingredients

I will not go into an elaborate step by step description of preparation because ultimately you just toss all of these yummy ingredients together and enjoy.

*******My favorite way of enjoying this dish is spread on fresh multi grain********* sliced bread or croissant.


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