How much am I expected to take?!

“How much more am I expected to take?!”pexels-photo-208315.jpeg

This morning, I was confronted with this very question by a good friend of mine. She is going through a whole lot and I couldn’t imagine being in her shoes.

To be the victim of someone’s emotional outburst is not fun….

Especially when the party doing the “outbursting” (real word?) uses foul language.

When moments like this happen it’s hard to remember, in the heat of the moment, that the person yelling obscenities may be going through a tough time in life. We might not understand this other person’s trials or even recognize they are even struggling with very personal conflicts.

Usually, unless we are dealing with a very “special” person, there are reasons for these unexpected blow-ups. Although I do not like to be the target of these sort of demonstrations, it happens to all of us.

Just like children who cry for attention, sometimes grownups cry for attention as well.

Just….with words and stuff.

Like that one person who angrily honks  his horn at you driving down the highway because you are only going 5 miles over the speed limit and he’s wanting to go 10+miles over.

Or that one cashier at the grocery store that just gives you “that look” even though you are trying your best to be extra friendly.

Being the one that is catching someone else’s grief can make the flesh part of us want to rise up in defense.

This is when I am quietly reminded by the Holy Ghost to hold my horses and think about the whole situation.

According to how I respond will be a testimony of my walk with Jesus Christ. Will it be a good testimony or a bad one? Will the way I react in this very moment destroy all confidences this person may have in me, as a Christian, or prevent the ability of me being a possible help to leading this person to the Lord?

Serious stuff.

So going back to the “how much more am I expected to take” question.

I am reminded of a man that I know. He is my best friend. He experienced a great deal of pain, torture, and humiliation. He was then beaten, spat on and ridiculed. This person did nothing wrong, yet He was persecuted and killed as a common criminal.

He did nothing in return.

He said nothing.

He never retaliated.

Led as a lamb to the slaughter, he never opened his mouth to protest.

The words he did say were “Father, forgive them. For they know not what they do.” His whole purpose in being born was and still is to save souls from hell.

Just in case you are not sure yet of whom I am speaking; this friend’s name is Jesus.

He gave the ultimate sacrifice, His life. He has great love for you and I.

This type of love is unmeasurable and the ultimate example of forgiveness.

So….again, how much are we expected to take while going through a trial?

It is easy to sit back and reflect on how we see circumstances when they are not presently in our own lap. However, I would love to always hold my tongue and have meekness. I find it is better for me to bridal my tongue than to lose my testimony in Jesus Christ. May I always listen to God’s voice and reasoning in everyday circumstances.

I heard a great man of God say one time that if your brother has an alt against you, even if you’re not in the fault, bake them a cake.

I may need to go in the cake business. 😉


Signing off as

Making it a Meek Monday






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